Jochari Life Coaching

What or Who is holding your life back?

Life Coaching using the Jochari Process almost seems Magical

Magic is when the unbelievable is happening right now.     


Words of Praise for Jochari

Marilyn was able to restore my hope and joy in life through her knowledge, confidence, comfort, and optimistic personality.  Her willingness to want to help and heal is so obvious.  After opening up to Marilyn about my family dynamics, fears, heartaches, insecurities, etc, she was able to use what I shared to help not only me, but my entire family, find healthy ways to cope.  It wasn't always easy to open up, but her warmth and desire to help allowed me to relax and feel safe.  Her unique process of working through past and present difficulties with a variety of tools and processes has been so eye opening and uplifting!  I cannot thank her enough for her light, love and positive energy!
                              Marie J.

You are an amazing communicator who is definitely designed to provide wonderful tools/services to the world.  You make it amazingly  clear to me and I couldn't wish for more.   Just know that what you are doing is very profound.  It puts things in perspective for the people that are looking for the answers.
                               Anna G.

I have to tell you - our consultation was SO impact-full. You gave me information that I really needed  to hear affirmed. Thank you, again!! Reflecting on our session  continues to bring me inspiration, guidance, and joy for the future. I  definitely want to schedule another consultation with you soon.  As you & I  spoke about, we intend to step into great abundance! :-) So, I'll be in touch about that!

Many thanks & much love,

Jess L.